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There are very few aspects of building or property health that are more important than its roof. And one of the biggest problems with proper roof care is that it tends to be out of sight and out of mind. When there is a problem with doors, walls, or floors, you see it every day. You watch as it grows worse over time. 

When there is a roof problem, people tend not to realize it until it has already become a significant issue. With that in mind, many folks still aren’t aware of the numerous options they have when it comes to their building’s roof. We here at Sutter Roofing wanted to offer a quick reference guide with pros and cons for a few different common types of commercial roofs:

Flat Roof:

Pro: Cost-efficient and easy installation.

Con: Slower drainage. 

Low Slope:

Better drainage, less squared roof area, easier maintenance, and repair.

Con: Heavy snowfall adds weight to the roof.

Pitched Roofs:

Pro: Increased runoff reduces the risk of water damage and mold.

Con: More difficult to repair and perform maintenance on.

So if you need help figuring out exactly which commercial roofing type is right for you and your building, give the helpful experts at Sutter Roofing a call today. We would be more than glad to discuss your situation with you, as well as offer helpful suggestions and even come out and inspect it ourselves to give you a truly qualified opinion. 

You can reach us at 800-741-0090. You can also come by and visit us in person to go over your roofing needs. Our address is 8284 Vico Court in Sarasota, FL 34240. Don’t wait until that minor issue becomes a major one, we can get you squared away in no time!

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