Roof Restoration Program

Sutter Roofing is experienced in roof coating restorations. There are several reasons to use coatings on an existing roof:

  • A good flexible coating will seal any small imperfections and reduce the chance of leaks
  • Coatings will extend the life of an existing roof
  • A light-colored coating will reduce heat load and therefore lower energy costs
  • It will definitely improve the appearance of an older roof

A roof coating is designed to be placed on an existing roof when there is no roof ballast such as stones in place. Any ballast will need to be removed before adding a coating. Then a careful inspection of the roof is needed and any repairs made before the coating can begin.

Roofs that are secured with fasteners and adhesives are easier to coat because the coating is added directly to the top surface of the roof. A primer coat may be needed to help with adhesion of the final roof coating, and typically all roof seams are primed anyway to help seal them from water intrusion. Then the final coating can be applied. Here’s a video showcasing one such commercial roof coating project:

Sutter Roofing knows Florida weather with its storms, harsh sun, and wind. Our employees are carefully trained to perform each coating and restoration job with the utmost care to give your roof a new look and extend its useful life. We are headquartered in Sarasota but have locations throughout Florida to serve you. Our locations are listed at the bottom of the webpage for your convenience. We are a licensed Florida contractor so you can have peace of mind when you contract with us for your roofing needs.

For more information on roof coatings or restorations from Sutter Roofing, please call us at 800-741-0090 or 941-377-1000

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