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Flat and low sloop roofs often use membrane roof materials rather than shingles due to their better water intrusion resistance and flexibility. Some membrane roofs are coated when new, but often coatings are applied later as the membrane ages. The three types of common coatings are acrylics, silicones, and polyurethanes. There are advantages and disadvantages to each:

Commercial Roofing Coating from Sutter Roofing


Acrylic coatings are water-based. This makes them easy to apply but they must be applied in warmer weather to dry properly. They are effective in reducing UV damage to the membrane as they are highly reflective. This also gives them some value in keeping the membrane roof cooler. They are not very effective if there is standing water, however.


Silicone coatings are cured by the presence of moisture, therefore they can be very effective in high humidity climates. Silicone coatings remain flexible and won’t become brittle over time. They are a good choice where ponding water can occur on flat roofs. They will weather well over time but can lose reflectivity due to accumulated dirt. Silicone coatings can tear more easily in some cases, and must either be re-coated with silicone later or completely removed if a different coating is desired in the future.


Polyurethane coatings are very impact resistant and can take foot traffic very well. Aromatic polyurethane coatings are not UV resistant, therefore they are best used as a base coat. Aliphatic polyurethanes are very UV resistant, handle ponding water well, and will stay clean better than other coatings. All urethane coatings are more expensive and the chemical odors are strong during application.

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