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If you need any kind of help or assistance with your commercial roofing needs, chances are you are running into more information and options that you actually know what to do with. In truth, it can be very overwhelming. 

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Dealing with local and statewide building regulations, knowing which options are the most practical, understanding exactly what your particular needs are, as well as simply knowing whether or not you are dealing with a truly qualified and experienced roofing technician can, at times just be too much.

That’s why the helpful folks at Sutter Roofing thought we would do our part and put together a quick reference guide for our readers to familiarize themselves with a few of the most common types of roofing materials used for today’s commercial buildings:

Going Green

Not only a responsible move but also a cost-efficient one; both in energy savings and governmental incentives. 

BUR: Built-Up Roofing

Layer upon layer of the chosen material. Commonly used when custom levels of the thickness or some other specific layering are required.


Lightweight materials are especially effective in diverse weather conditions and seasons.


A go-to standard and still commonly used in commercial roofing projects.


Easy installation with a reputation for long-term durability.

Modified Bitumen 

A great option for buildings with a lot of foot traffic on the roof.

To find out more about what type of roofing service might be best for your property, get in touch with the helpful and knowledgeable professionals at Sutter Roofing. Our offices are located at 8284 Vico Court, Sarasota, FL 34240 if you would like to speak with us in person. Or if you prefer, you can always reach us at 800-741-0090. Either way, we would be glad to assist you with all of your roofing needs.

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