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Sutter Roofing believes a key part of any company budget should be a line item for roof maintenance. Why is this important? There is no quicker way to lose productivity than to have roof leaks appear. Water can damage the building, destroy inventory, or cause equipment damage. If you have not planned a roof maintenance program or even a roof restoration into your 2020 budget it is not too late.

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Every roof has a useful life, particularly in the harsh Florida climate. Hot weather, many days of intense sunlight, and torrential rains during the rainy season or tropical storms all take their toll on a roof. If you aren’t keeping up with the normal aging of your roof, and taking steps to manage small problems, you are accelerating the end of your roof’s useful life.

Ideally, commercial roofs should be inspected at least twice each year, before the summer storm season and afterward to assess whether any damage has occurred. If you have a relatively new roof it may be under warranty; that warranty normally spells out specific requirements for regular inspections to keep the roof under warranty protection.

If you have not used Sutter Roofing for your maintenance program, the first thing we will perform is a thorough initial inspection program. This will document the current state of your roof along with recommendations to resolve any issues we find. We cannot provide warranty protection for any roof we did not install, but we can take over your regular maintenance program and you will be protected by our professional and highly trained personnel.

Don’t let a deteriorating roof slow or shut down your business. Contact Sutter Roofing today at 800-741-0090 and let us set up a roof maintenance program for you. We have offices throughout Florida and cover most areas of the state. We have installed over 60 million square feet of commercial roofing and are ready to meet your roofing needs!

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