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Commercial roof inspections by Sutter Roofing are always a good idea, but between inspections there are six signs building owners or maintenance personnel can look for to prevent damage. If you see any of these signs, contact Sutter Roofing in Florida or West Virginia and let us take a look at it.

Interior Damage — A sure sign of moisture getting through the roof into the building is visible water damage on interior surfaces such as ceilings or walls. It can take some time for this damage to become visible, so contact us promptly if you see any signs of water intrusion.

Bad or Missing Shingles — Sloped roofs may use shingles for aesthetics on commercial buildings, and they need to be inspected regularly. Evidence of any loose or missing shingles means that water can enter the building, so this needs to be repaired promptly.

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Cracks or Loose Material — Sloped roofs may use roofing cement to seal around vents or skylights, and other roofs may use metal flashing. If the cement is showing cracks or flashing is loose, water can get in under the roof and cause damage. Let Sutter Roofing repair it for you.

Presence of Algae or Moss — Discoloration on a roof is a sign of algae. It can be removed with some bleach followed by a low-pressure rinse to prevent damage to the roof. A more serious problem is the presence of moss or other plants because this is a sign that moisture is being trapped on the roof and over time will cause damage. After the moss is removed the roof should be inspected to determine if there is any underlying damage.

Ponding Water — This is a problem on flat roofs or roofs with very little slope. If water ponds or remains in small pools after rains this can lead to water leakage into the building. It can also be a sign that the underlying roof structure is sagging which should be addressed promptly.

Visible Sagging — This is a problem with older roofs, particularly if they use wood rafters. If the sagging becomes visible it should be addressed before it causes damage. Flat roofs can also sag if the underlying structure is not properly supported, which will lead first to ponding then eventually leakage or roof failure.

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