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“I think you already know what a good group of men you have working for you, but it is nice to hear it again from a satisfied customer. From the very beginning of the Bid Process to the Final Inspection, we really enjoyed working with Sutter Roofing. Sutter guided us, advised us, helped us, answered our questions and was an all-around great team. Sutter told us to go with the proper roof edging rather than the clad-metal the engineer said to use. Sutter Roofing alone, out of all the people who saw our roof, noticed our roof drain covers had rusted-out bolts and loose fittings. Our coating project was complicated by our 4 roof-top decks with concrete pavers on the FiberTite membrane and hot tubs, sinks and cabinets attached to the decks. Where others found problems or excuses Sutter Roofing said, “Sure we can coat under the hot tubs. Sure we can move and replace the pavers. Sure we can re-attach the sinks and cabinets.” Sutter Roofing is always pleasant, cooperative and careful. We are very happy with the project, with the people and with the result. We look forward to working with Sutter Roofing for many more years to come. On behalf of the Board and the Owners, thank you, thank you, thank you. Yours truly, Ken Andre ”

— Ken Andre, Boca Siesta

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