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Sutter Roofing is one of the oldest and largest roofing and sheet metal companies in the United States, having opened for business in 1902. We are dedicated to providing the best commercial roofing service in greater Florida. As part of our service, we offer a few ideas for how you can improve your commercial roof.

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Schedule regular inspections — If you haven’t inspected your roof lately, or scheduled Sutter Roofing to provide an inspection, you should. There are numerous ways for roofing to fail, leading to water intrusion and interior building damage. A bit of preventive inspection can prevent an expensive repair.

Prepare safety procedures and roof access rules — Both to prevent damage to the roof and potential injury to employees, roof access should be restricted to specific personnel. In addition, you need to have safety protocols for employees when they must work on the roof, especially if the roof is sloped or they must work near the edges.

Determine the remaining life of your roof — Sutter Roofing can assist you in making an informed decision on the remaining life of your roof. This will allow you to create a replacement fund if it is not already in your business budget.

Don’t let anyone panic you into a roof replacement — Many roofs can be successfully repaired or restored first, adding years to their life. A reputable contractor like Sutter Roofing will give you an honest appraisal of your roof’s condition and available options.

Make sure your roofing contractor is available for emergencies — Do your homework before a roof leak begins. That is not the time to evaluate roofing companies and find one available for you. 

Sutter Roofing has built its business over 110 years on the principles of trust and integrity. We will always treat you with professional service and respect, offering you professional roofing and sheet metal services using quality materials and exceptional safety practices. Contact us today if you need commercial roofing services at 800-741-0090.

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