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Before calling a roofing contractor to perform an inspection on your property, it’s best practice to know what they’ll be looking for (and how) beforehand, and to even perform the some of the inspection yourself, if possible. The reasons for this are twofold: first, it gives you a full scope of what jobs can be performed and what areas need routine maintenance. Second, it shows you what jobs you can perform yourself, assuming you have the experience and tools, allowing you to work those jobs into your regular maintenance. Here’s a brief look at what professional roofing contractors will look for in an inspection.

It starts with getting a comprehensive look at the roof, which can be drawn from CAD drawings, aerial photographs, or a combination of the two. The CAD drawings offer a look at what the roof’s structure should be. This can immediately highlight areas where the structure is damaged once the contractor begins their direct inspection and reveal problem areas that need regular attention.

From here, inspection techniques get more specialized and technology-based. Closer looks are taken at the roof’s age, composition, pitch, and layers to determine what problems are likely before a further inspection takes place. From there, infrared imaging is used to see inside the areas where one may not be able to access without deconstruction.

While it’s possible to get your hands on the tools needed for deeper inspection, we recommend you perform as much visual assessment as possible. The problems you encounter this way will be easier to address. With access to the building’s layout plans, you can spot irregularities with the roof as it is and how it should be. When you do hire a contractor, ask to be let in on their process to learn more about what you can do yourself.

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